Our Goal

To help businesses find their audience, make an impact, and generate more leads and revenue. 

Our Mission

To support businesses in fostering connections, strengthening their brand presence, and helping them achieve and exceed their target growth goals.

Our Values

Our professional services are guided by our core values of honesty, respect, collaboration, and results.

Our History

Founded in 2017 as a one-member “grass roots” community outreach consultancy, Lincoln Barretta Consulting was established when Founder, Lou Jimenez, merged his passion for school choice with his desire to help businesses grow.

Due to the overwhelming success in helping numerous schools achieve and exceed their target enrollment goals, Lincoln Barretta expanded into a full-fledged professional marketing firm in 2019.

Our company name (Lincoln Barretta) reflects two important aspects of our company culture; honesty and humility. Historically, the name ‘Lincoln’ has always been synonymous with honesty. We hold every member of our team to this very high standard. Additionally, as a tribute to our humble beginnings, we named the company after ‘Barretta Court’, the street name of our first office address.


Lou Jimenez

Lou Jimenez is the President and Founder of Lincoln Barretta Consulting since its inception in 2017.

With over 20 years of executive leadership experience in business development, marketing and operations, Lou has successfully merged his professional business expertise with his affinity for school choice. His passion for helping charter schools grow is the driving force behind Choose Charters.

Alyssa Pope

With over a decade of operations and compliance expertise in the education and corporate sectors, Alyssa’s extensive consulting experience and dedication to our school partners helped establish her as a trusted leader within Lincoln Barretta since 2020. In January 2022, Alyssa was promoted to Lincoln Barretta’s Board of Members and currently serves as VP Chief of Staff, where she leads the operations for Student Recruitment and Professional Development.

Meghan Smith

Meghan Smith, the Creative Director at Lincoln Barretta, has been in graphic design and marketing for over a decade. With a rich professional background, Meghan’s expertise lies in delivering eye-catching digital ads and printed promotional materials to help boost charter school enrollment.

Her commitment to her craft was recognized in 2023 when she was promoted to Lincoln Barretta’s Board of Members.